SINCE  1986


We have all heard the Olde English Proverb that from tiny
acorns do might oaks grow, the same can be said about the
FUTURE TREES nursery.  From borrowed cuttings of the
Leyland Cypress and Nellie R Stevens Holly, the Strosnider
family: Dan, his wife Karen and their older son Scott have
taken a dream and transformed it into a 110 acre farm.

Dedicating their efforts to only two species they have
become the premier Florida grower of these two favorites.
Thirty years of hard work and attention to every detail
guarantees the buyers of these beautiful trees a splendid
long lasting ornamental.

The Strosniders are proud of their product and assisted
by a knowledgeable and willing staff we assure you
that you will be more than satisfied with your purchase.
The family looks forward to hearing from you and will
monitor all steps of the sales process to assure your
satisfaction.  Please contact us soon.

Leyland Cypress & Nellie R Stevens Holly